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    What is a Fruitarian?

    Fruitarian: One who follows a fruitarian diet which contains mostly raw fruits and some vegetables, nuts and seeds.

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    Who is a Bodybuilder?

    An individual who engages in activities to control and develop musculature and physical abilities.

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    Who is a Fruitarian Bodybuilder?

    A fruitarian bodybuilder trains on a fruit-based diet, making health the ultimate goal. Give Fruit a Chance!

Fruitarian Bodybuilder is a site based on truth and hope.
Fruitarianism is on the rise and fruitarian bodybuilding is bound to follow.
There are thousands of people all around the world who are following a fruitarian diet.
Some do it for weight loss, others do it for optimal health and a growing number do it for strength, fitness and bodybuilding.
This site is here for you to see and learn that it is possible to become a fruitarian bodybuilder with the fruitarian diet.
Need inspiration? Check out the before and after pictures of our fruitarian bodybuilders.
Need information? Explore our fruitarian blog and forums.
Ask questions, we will help.


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– Arnold Schwarzenegger


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