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Fruitarian bodybuilding is on the rise and the rest of the bodybuilding industry is bound to follow.

A fruitarian bodybuilder is hard to find but not impossible. There are already thousands of people worldwide who are following a fruitarian diet, some do it for weight loss, others do it for optimal health and a growing number do it for strength, fitness and athletic performance.

This site is here for you to learn that it is possible to become a fruitarian bodybuilder. There is much you can accomplish by following a fruitarian diet, you just need to give it a chance.

This website was built for all of us who are working to improve our lives and our collective society. In this site you will find tons of information about the fruitarian diet, including fruitarian meal plans and recipes for weigh loss and weight gain. You will also find a page dedicated to all the fruitarian bodybuilders who have explored this path, as well as a blog with before and after pictures.

We hope all this content will inspire you to follow the path of the fruitarian bodybuilder.

What is the Definition of a Fruitarian Diet?

The fruitarian diet focuses on acquiring calories from fresh fruits. Different people have come up with several types of fruitarian diets, some are more strict than others. Some people may have a fruitarian diet that looks like a raw vegan diet, where they consume only raw fruits and some vegetables like leafy green, as it is in the case of the 80/10/10 diet.

Other people are more flexible and follow a fruitarian diet that also looks like a raw vegan diet but includes some cooked foods as well. There may be people who follow a fruitarian diet but also consume some animal products, although these cases are very rare. All of these variants are referred to as “fruitarian diets” or “fruitarianism” but in the true sense of the word, they are really “fruit based diets”.

The  TRUE fruitarian diet, also known as Eden Fruitarianism, focuses on ONLY consuming fruits and nothing else. Usually these diets are high on carbohydrates, low on fats and low on protein. Most people who only consume fruits will find themselves getting 90% of their calories from carbohydrates, 5% from fats and 5% from proteins. If they consume fruits like avocados, olives or durian the fat percentage will increase.

Fruitarian Meal Plans

True fruitarians can follow different meal plans. Some people only focus on eating fruit. They don’t care much if it is fresh, ripe, local, organic or in season. They also don’t care about fruit combining rules or quantities. For them, if it is fruit, then it is fair game. This is the simplest and easiest approach.

There are other simple meal plans which are more complex. Some may include measuring how many calories one is consuming from each fruit. Other people will do regular fasts of orange juice or grapes. Some people fast on papayas and other people fast on bananas. Some people will even fast on water alone and the most extremist will fast on air. I know of people who have fasted on oranges for 6 months, I also know of people who have fasted on water for 50 days. A friend of mine did a dry fast where he didn’t take anything at all for five days and then slowly got back into eating fruits and raw foods.

Different teachers preach different approaches and at the end of the day everyone does what works for them. I like to experiment with my fruitarian diet and I take the time I need to see what works and what doesn’t. I recommend you do the same.

Who is a Fruitarian Bodybuilder?

A fruitarian bodybuilder is a healthy bodybuilder who prioritizes building his/her health before building muscles. These bodybuilders may be professionals or amateurs. There are different levels of physique that can be achieved with a fruitarian diet.

Fruitarianism supports a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body. These, in effect, supports all types of physical activities. Those who follow a fruitarian diet can practice traditional bodybuilding by lifting weights at the gym. However, fruitarian bodybuilders can also build an impressive physique by practicing calisthenics, yoga, acrobatics, running, cycling and playing any sport. There is no physical activity that can’t be supported with  a fruitarian diet.

Is Fruitarianism Right for You?

Anatomically speaking, humans are frugivores (fruit eater). This, of course, is up for the debate. For many years there have been athletes, personal trainers and doctors who have sworn that people can not thrive on fruit. This website proves them wrong.

The health of most people following a standard american diet, based on animal products, refined grains and processed foods, is living proof of how misinformed our society is when it comes to healthy eating and food. For years the public has been fed erroneous information, on purpose, in order to benefit certain industries in the United States and around the world. The results have been detrimental to our society, animals, plants and our whole environment.

There is zero proof that fruit causes cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity or any other disease. In fact,t here is enough research showing the exact opposite. Fruitarianism is right for you just like it is right for every human being. That is the truth I have found after years of research, education and experimentation.

Is Fruitarian Bodybuilding Right for You?

The human body is meant to move. It is meant to squat, jump and run. This is how we managed to survive in the wild and this is what we need to thrive in modern times. Even if you are not interested in a body full of muscles you should still be interested in building health.

You will notice most fruitarian bodybuilders are not inflated with “big muscles”, fat, toxins nor hormones. We don’t take steroid not consume meat. Fruitarian bodybuilders focus on health before muscle gains. That being said, fruitarian bodybuilders can still put on muscle weight, if they train properly and with that purpose in mind. However, no matter how hard we train, we will never look as big as “commercial bodybuilders” because we won’t have the additional pounds of fat, lymph and toxins. I personally take a healthy body over a diseases body any day.

Over the long run, fruitarian bodybuilders are more likely to have a longer careers, better health and less issues with their organs and joints. Even if you are not looking for an impressive physique, you still want to achieve health. This is why fruitarian bodybuilding is right for you and everyone else.


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