Becoming a Fruitarian, Top 10 Tips & Advice for a Healthy Transition into the Fruitarian Diet

Getting into the fruitarian diet is easier than you think. Follow these 10 tips and you will be well on your way:

#1 – Start the Fruitarian Diet Today

Starting today is the best way to make sure that you will try the fruitarian diet. Make the choice to start and commit to giving the fruitarian diet a fair chance. You won’t be able to go from an omnivorous diet to fruitarian diet overnight. Most people transition from an omnivorous diet to a vegetarian diet, then to a vegan diet, then to a raw vegan diet, and eventually to a fruitarian diet. This process may take years. If you gotten this far, then you have some good chances to succeed. Do not think it will happen easily overnight. Choose to start today and know that it will not be an easy road, but it will be a fulfilling one.

#2 – Buy Lots of Yummy Fruit

One of the most important ways to ensure your success on the fruitarian diet is to make sure that you are not feeling hungry or undernourished. The only way to accomplish this is by eating as much as you need. Make sure to always have available fruit around in case you get hungry.

Most of the fruit you will find at supermarkets will need some time to ripen, so you need to plan in advance. This doesn’t mean you need to make meal plans and have all your bananas counted for the week. It simply means that you need enough ripe fruit around (at home, at work, in your car, etc.). This way you can always eat when you get hungry and not suffer through the process. If you do not have fruit available then it will be tempting for you to eat whatever is around. This will throw you off the wagon faster than anything else.

Eventually you may choose buy your fruit at wholesale prices on boxes but first you need to find out which fruits you prefer the most. Buy lots of variety first instead of large quantities of multiple types of fruits so you can tune in to what you system prefers. It is not the same thing to eat a single kiwi than to eat five. The quality of the fruit you eat will also be very important but at first you want to focus on getting produce that is enjoyable to your taste buds.

#3 – Educate Yourself

This one is huge. You want to continue to educate yourself about the fruitarian diet for as long as you are in transition. We have tons of articles on this website that have plenty of information for you to transition to the fruitarian diet. We also have some great books available such as Destination Eden, Return to the Brain of Eden and The Detox Miracle Sourcebook. These books can help you understand the fruitarian diet, its reasons, benefits and how it can be applied to your life. There are also some great YouTube channels that you can look at for information and inspiration. Some of my favorites are Fruitarian Bodybuilder, The Fruitarian, Ted Car with Fruitliving, Alyce’s from Raw Alignment and Dr. Robert Morse’s.

#4 – Avoid Getting into Arguments and Discussions

This is a tip that many people overlook but trust me, it will save your sanity and much frustration. You will notice that as soon as you start the fruitarian diet, almost everyone around you will try to bring you down.

Some people will be sincerely concerned about your health and they may project their insecurities on to you. They may try to scare you by telling you that you need this nutrient or that nutrient. They will try to convince you that you need meat, animal products or cooked foods.

Other people will feel insecure of their own diet just by seeing that you are doing something different. These people will think that because you are following a fruitarian diet, then it is possible their diet is bad. These insecurities will be subconscious so I strongly recommend you do not bring up these issues with them.

Some people may share their opinions with you politely and they will drop the conversation if you tell them that you are set on your views. Those with strong insecurities will be more persistent in their attempts to derail you from your path through the fruitarian diet. Do not let them get to you, just ignore them. Avoid getting into arguments and discussions about research, nutrition and ethics with them. Trust me, most of the times those conversations lead you nowhere. Most arguments will add to your own discomfort and insecurities about the fruitarian diet. They will waste lots of valuable time as well as your mental and emotional energies. If you need another point of view, just go online and do your own research.

#5 Find Other People who are Also on the Fruitarian Diet

You will find it immensely valuable to meet other people who are also following a fruitarian diet. You can always find these people through books, articles and online videos such as the YouTube channels mentioned above. In the best case scenario you can find someone nearby who also practices a fruitarian diet. This will be hard to do unless you live in the tropics. Even then, real fruitarians are hard to find.

We have a forum on this website that is meant to connect like-minded people. It may look small right now but it is growing. By joining our tribe you will be helping yourself and others.

You can also search for people who are following a raw vegan diet, or even a vegan diet. Neither of these diets are exactly like the fruitarian diet, but they are much similar than the vegetarian diets or the omnivorous diets. You will find raw vegans and vegans will be somewhat more accepting and supportive of your fruitarian diet.

#6 Be Flexible and Allow Yourself Time to Transition

A full transition into the fruitarian diet does not happen over night. It is a process that involves learning, trial and error and many struggles along the way. Be flexible and allow yourself time to transition. Some days you may find yourself eating raw vegetables, or maybe some cooked food. Do not beat yourself up for it, understand that it is part of the process. Notice what causes you to fall of the wagon and make adjustments so that it doesn’t happen again.

You may end up finding out that you simply can’t do a 100% fruit based fruitarian diet. Maybe you need more warm foods because you live in a cold climate (although many fruitarians live in very cold climates). Maybe you have a strong attachment for cooked foods. Perhaps you find that you simply cannot stop going to some social events where you are almost required to consume foods that are not fruits. You do not need to be perfect and your diet does not need to be perfect either.

#7 – Believe and Have Faith

Whenever you start to doubt yourself or the fruitarian diet, believe and have faith. This is certainly the path less traveled. Few people succeed in transitioning to a 100% fruit based fruitarian diet. You may find that at times of doubt, faith is the only thing that can keep you going. Personally, I have not had to work hard to believe that the fruitarian diet is the ideal diet for humans, so far this view has been quite logical for me. We always have our faith on something, if you can, choose to believe in that which is best for you.

#8 – Be Prepared for Detox Symptoms and Healing Crises

When you transition to a fruitarian diet detoxification is unavoidable. If you follow this diet and eat only fruits for a month it is very likely that you will experience some detox symptoms. These may have all sorts of different forms since the detox will be systemic. It will take on your whole physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

Do not despair, educate yourself by listening to those who have been there before you. Dr. Robert Morse is certainly the best person to hear when it comes to the topic of detox symptoms and healing crises. He has seen it happen to more than 150,000 of his clinical patients. His book The Miracle Detox Sourcebook covers all of this. His YouTube videos contain much information as well, but it is very unorganized. I recommend reading the book first before looking into those videos.

In a nutshell, there are two things you can do when you start to experience intense detox symptoms while on a fruitarian diet. One option is to take a step back by eating raw vegetables or some cooked foods. This will reduce the symptoms but it will also slow down the healing process. The other option is to step it up and speed up the healing process to eliminate the detox symptoms as quickly as possible. To do this, Dr. Robert Morse recommends an orange juice fast, a grape juice fast or a water fast. If you are going to do a dry fast make sure you build your way up to it and only do it for as long as 36 hours max.

#9 Ask Questions to Fruitarians and Non-Fruitarians

Asking questions goes beyond simple research. Asking questions helps you fill out the gaps of information you are missing. It also helps clarify the reasons and approaches to a fruitarian diet. Everyone will approach this diet differently. Some people will not approach it at all.

I find it useful to ask questions to as many people as possible, regardless of whether they are following a fruitarian diet or not. Those who are doing the diet will tell me why and how they do it. Those who do not follow the fruitarian diet will tell me why they don’t. After I gather information from both sides I am able to make my own informed choices.

#10 Get Rid of What Doesn’t Serve You

Once you have your intention and approach clear, get rid of what doesn’t support your fruitarian diet. These may be junk food in your house, or negative influences in your life. Getting rid of all that goes against the fruitarian diet will help you stay on your path.

I am not saying that if your parents, partners or friends disagree with the fruitarian diet that you should stop seeing or talking to them. What I am saying is that, if you already had plenty of conversations with them about your new diet and you still feel like giving it a try, then avoid having more conversations about it with them. They may bring you down or eventually convince you to give up what you think is right for you.

Do not get me wrong here. If the conversations serve you then by all mean keep them around. If they don’t, then be brave and allow yourself to put boundaries on when, where, how, why and with whom you talk about your fruitarian diet.

In terms of the food you need to get rid of, I think it is only necessary to throw away (or give away) the things that will be tempting you to get off the fruitarian diet. I am not saying that you should empty your kitchen of everything but fruit. Some days you may need some vegetables, or perhaps a bowl of rice. Some days you may have visits at home who will want something other than fruit. Someday you may decide to take a break from the fruitarian diet, or give it up all together. When these days come, you will be happy to know that you saved some of your non-fruit food. Yet again, if the food you have on your counter is tempting you day after day, then do yourself a favor and get rid of it.

Final Words

I hope this article will be helpful on your journey towards becoming a fruitarian. Please let me know if you have any questions. If you happen to have additional tips on how to transition to a fruitarian diet please write your ideas on the comments bellow.

Wishing you love, health and beauty,

– Fruitarian Bodybuilder

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  1. Tonje Moe Pettersen

    I was wondering what your take on imported fruits are? I live in Norway, and Dr Morse (and others) recommend fruits such as melons, of which I can only get the imported variety. Do they lose a lot of nutritional value during shipping, or are they still recommended to eat?

    I greatly appreciate your input?

    All the best, Tonje

    1. mm Post

      Imported fruits are a hit or miss. It really depends where you are, were they are coming from, the producer, the transporting, the regulations of the country and many other factors. Nutritional value begins to decrease as soon as the fruit falls from the tree or is picked, there are some exceptions like bananas and mangoes but as a rule of thumb is best to eat as fresh as possible.

      The best thing to do is do a one to three day mono test of whichever fruit you are going for and see how it feels. You just have to be able to tell the difference between detox symptoms and allergic/toxic responses.

      Nothing is black or white. Many shades of grey 😉

  2. Tonje Moe Pettersen

    Thank you ever so much for your swift response! Much appreciated. Currently devouring your site, as I transition into the world of fruit. Very helpful indeed 🙂

    1. mm Post

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