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Fruitarian Detox : The Best Video on How to Cleanse on a Fruitarian Diet

This is probably the best video for cleansing and detoxification that I have seen since I began to study and practice the fruitarian diet. The video is short, very informative and full of clear explanations and pleasant pictures that help you understand why the fruitarian detox is so effective and much superior to any other detox you can do, except, perhaps, for water fasting or dry fasting.

Fruitarian Detox : Simplified

The video explains how to do a deep detox using fruit, first, by explaining that our body is composed of chemicals that are either acidic or alkaline. The acidic side of chemistry is considered the “male side” or the “hot side”, its effects are inflammation, dehydration, pain and destruction of cells and tissues. The alkaline side of chemistry is the “female side” or “cool side”, its effects are nurturing, hydrating, soothing and regenerative. Neither side is intrinsically better than the other, it is simply a matter of balance, however, this balance is not a perfect 50/50 balance, remember that the human body, just like the planet we live on, is mostly water. A balance does not always mean equal parts.

The lymphatic system is the main cleansing system of the body and is in charge of removing cell waste from the body. When the lymphatic system is not working properly, or when it is overtaxes with acids, the resulting condition is acidosis, which means too much acidity in the body, this leads to damage cells, which in term leads to every single known disease to humans.

Acidosis is caused by consuming acid foods like meat, dairy, refined foods, cooked foods and highly processed foods. All foods high in protein produce acids, especially animal products. Other toxins, like those found in our water, air and cosmetics also produce acidosis. Negative thoughts and emotions produce acids as well. Acids destroy organs, joints, arteries, skins and everything in the human body.

Fruit, and a fruitarian diet in particular, is the best way to alkalinize the body. A fruitarian detox helps to move the lymph and pull toxins out of the body.

Acid fruits are the most alkalizing, even though they taste acidic. These include lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, strawberries and tomatoes. These are powerful for moving lymph, removing toxins and breaking down stagnant lymphatic fluids. Remember “what you don’t eliminate you accumulate”. The next recommended group includes sub acid fruits such as apples, grapes, blueberries, blackberries, melons, cherries, mangos, peaches, plums and watermelons. Sweet fruits such as banabas, dates, persimmons, papayas and figs are not as effective for a fruitarian detox but they do fill you up and provide a lot of energy.

For a fruitarian detox it is recommended that at least 80% of the diet is composed of fruits, they can be eaten whole or drank as fruit juice or in smoothies. Those who have chronic or degenerative disease are told to go on a fruitarian detox that involves a diet that includes 100% fruits. An only-grapes-diet is the most effective diet for a fruitarian detox. This is usually used for the tougher cases like cancer and similar conditions. Remember that fruit is as close to pure energy as food can get. Your body is the true healer, when you remove all toxins it can then work effectively at healing itself.

Scientific research has proven that fruit is in fact the only food source we are truly designed to eat. The clearest proof of this is that our closest genetic relatives are primates and they base their diets on fruits. Surely enough you may find primates who eat other things such as vegetables. In some cases primates eat insects or animal products. However, this is not their optimal source of nutrition and neither is ours. We are not omnivores nor herbivores, humans are fruitarians. Our optimal diet consists of fruits, with the inclusion of some raw vegetables and sometimes a few nuts and seeds.

Fruit sugars are simple and the body thrives on them. Despite the commonly accepted myth, fruits do not tend to spike blood sugar levels in unhealthy ways. This being said, it is important to choose the right fruits at the right time, unripe fruits should not be eaten because they are very acidic. Kiwis and pineapples are good examples of fruits that are picked unripe, bananas can ripen after they are taken off the tree.

Eat slowly until satisfied, buy organic when possible, make sure to remove pesticides with a wash. You can have a salad with tender leafy greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados and a squeeze of lemon, however, raw vegetables will slow down your fruitarian detox. Nuts and seeds will slow down the detox more. Do not buy or prepare cooked food since they are acidic, they will slow down the detox process even more and cause more acidosis. Cooking food destroys the digestive enzymes, creates acids and carcinogens and limits the amount of life force that remains in the food. “Eat the dead and you will be dead”.

Fruitarian Detox : Extras

Exercise, massage, saunas and skin brushes can help with the fruitarian detox process. You can feel all sorts of side effects as toxins leave the body, these may last a few days or months, depending on your level of toxicity, remember that no matter how much fruit you eat and how much exercise you do, your body can only remove so much at a time (by the way, heavy exercise creates lactic acid which is another form of acid which then the body needs to remove as well). Detox symptoms include migraines, soreness, tiredness, mood swings, vertigo, loose stools, vomiting, cramping, fever, congestion and more.

Do not fear a healing crisis, it is a sign that you are getting well.

If you want to look at the video just click on the play button bellow. If you want to learn more, I recommend you buy some of these great books on the fruitarian detox diet: The Detox Miracle Sourcebook, The Detox Mono Diet and The Raw Cure. Other recommended books on the fruitarian diet include Destination Eden, The Fully Raw Diet, The 80/10/10 Diet and Becoming Raw.

Learn, enjoy and live a healthy happy life,

Wishing you well,

– Bruno Treves

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