Fruitarian Bodybuilders


Fruitarian bodybuilders are healthy bodybuilders who prioritize building their health before building their muscles.
The following bodybuilders may be professionals and amateurs who at some point in their life followed a fruitarian diet along with bodybuilding practices.

The purpose of this list is not to judge or compare.
We simply want to inspire and show that there are different levels of physique that can be achieved with a fruitarian diet.
Find the one that inspires you the most. Build the body that is right for you.

The Fruitarian Bodybuilder


Alyce from Raw Alignment

Ted Carr from Fruit Living

John McDougall
Author of “The 80 10 10 Diet”

Dan McDonald
a.k.a The Life Regenerator

Pioneers of Fruitarianism
(Honorary Mentions)

Mango Wodzak
Author of “Destination Eden”
“The Eden Fruitarian Guidebook”

Anne Osborne
Author of “Fruitarianism: The Path to Paradise”

Dr Robert Morse N.D.
Author of “The Miracle Detox Sourcebook”