Dry Fasting for Detoxification (A recommended practice for those eating raw foods on a fruitarian diet)

I just saw this short video by Dr. Robert Morse on the fruitarian diet detox and took some quick about the topics he covered. I have found Dr. Morse’s videos extremely valuable as I transition into a fruitarian diet. Not only has he given me more reasons to continue the fruitarian diet, he also has given me lots of advice on how to do it and what to supplement the diet with. He usually recommends herbs to help with the detoxification process but in this case, he also recommends dry fasting for those who have already been on the fruitarian diet / raw vegan diet and have a cleaner system. Below are my notes and underneath those you will find Dr. Morse’s video. I hope you find this useful. Enjoy! =D


Dry Fasting for Detoxification

Diseases are a fabrication of the medical mind.

There is a lot of degenerative tissue in the human body, most people have some level of degeneration.

Animals in nature tend to dry fast more than water fast.

A 24 to 36 hour fast (at most) can be good. Start slowly with a short 12 hours dry fast, then work up to 14 hours, then 16 and so on doing one every week. Eventually you can try dry fasting for 24 or 36 hours.

Before you dry fast spend a month or two detoxing properly, get on a fruitarian raw diet, get some goo quality herbs, kill those parasites and get worms out of you, get the body better before you dry fast.

We come from a very acidic position, you don’t want to jump into dry fasting too quickly if there is so much acid in your body.

Try to get the kidneys filtering better before you start your dry fast, you will have a much easier time.

Have someone around you who is experienced while you are doing a fruitarian diet detox, if possible.

When you dry fast you withdraw the need for the use of digestive energy, which the body uses daily for everyday digestion. The body is a food processing machine, when you withdraw energy needs from digestion you will have more energy available for detoxification and cleaning. This makes a huge difference.

Vegetables are not ideal foods for Homo-Sapiens, they are more ideal for herbivores. Fruits, and astringent foods in general, are more ideal for humans. Fruits are more energetic, more nutritious and easier to digest. They do not require as much energy to break down because they come with their own enzymes and are mostly water.

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