Feeling Sad on My Fruitarian Diet Experiment + Writing My Fruitarian Book

Feeling Sad on My Fruitarian Diet Experiment + Writing My Fruitarian Book

Welcome to day 13 of this fruitarian bodybuilding challenge. Today I got to go to the gym, the market and work on my fruitarian book. I have been feeling sad lately, also feeling depressed more than anything on this fruitarian diet experiment. I am happy my friend Jake will be coming over to spend time with me, it is important to have friends and physical contact.

Fruitarian Diet Perspectives

Fun enough, I show some conversations with my father on this video, who is giving me some perspective on my fruitarian book. Especially on some important sections like how much of a fruitarian we should be. I don’t want to be too strict with my approach or my advice, we all know it ain’t easy to follow a fruit only diet. This is why I appreciate my fathers perspective on these matter. He has seen my ups and downs on the fruitarian diet and he doesn’t want me to be a fundamentalist.

We both agree that the fruitarian diet can protect our health and the environment. That being said, making exceptions sometimes is useful and even healthy.

There is also all the parts of my diet which may not be appropriate. Of course, humans are frugivores by nature but who knows if we do or do not need something else to thrive. At the same time, what is more important thriving or ethics? All this I talk about on my fruitarian book.

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