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Frugivore Diet and My Doubts about It

Over the past two months I have been dedicated to following a frugivore diet. The first month I was back in Boulder I chose to eat mostly fruit until 4 pm, allowing myself to eat other things for dinner.

During this time I felt pretty good, specially during the day. I found that the little amount of fruit I was eating was enough to keep me going through the day. In fact, I wasn’t eating anything until 12 pm most days while lifting weights, hiking and dancing almost every day.

On the evenings I would eat whatever my parents would make. Sometimes it was salad, sometimes steamed vegetables and other times it would be fish. I wasn’t super happy about the fish because I have been practicing veganism for the past couple of years and I much rather not eat any animal products. That being said, I am also practicing a way of living that is in harmony with the culture I live in.

Frugivore Diet and My Doubts about It

The issue with eating whatever after 4 pm was that I was really eating whatever. I was eating a lot of bread and chips and it simply wasn’t working for my digestion. I would feel bloated often and heavy in the mornings. The more heavy foods I ate at night, the harder it was to work out in the morning. I would feel nausea when going to dance in the morning if I had grains at night, same with the fish.

I could tell my body, mind and heart were rejecting all the cooked food. That is why a week ago I decided to quit it all and stick to a fruit only, fruitarian diet. Since then, I have beenĀ getting 99% of my calories from fruit, mostly melons. I realized that the fruit season here in Boulder is very short, and I am lucky to live in a place where we get plenty of melons and peaches this time of the year. The season won’t last long, so this was my chance to try eating only fruit while working out daily and exercising constantly.

My results have been fairly positive. My body looks and feels great, and I am never hungry. The last past days, however, I have felt somewhat weak. I could blame the frugivore diet for it but the truth is that I simply have not been eating enough. You see, the past three days of my diet have consisted of mostly melons. They are high water content which helps me feel full all day, but they don’t have many calories. They might be great for staying hydrated and cleansing, but they don’t provide the energy I need to exercise as much as I do and build muscle.

Dispersing the Doubts about the Frugivore Diet

Last night I thought about going back to eating more vegetables. I am trying to build muscle and perhaps that is what I am missing. But deep inside I know there is another way, I know I can still build muscle with fruit and nothing else. I think I just need to eat more calories, maybe add more bananas and peaches to my diet, or maybe I need more avocados, who knows. This is so new, I surely have not met anyone who tried to build muscle on a fully fruitarian diet for such a long period of time as I have tried.

Yes, I have had many “failures” in this journey and I have not gotten the results I want. At the same time, I have gotten excellent results, my body looks and feels great and if I feel weak because I am not eating enough, well, that is my fault, not the frugivore diet fault.

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