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Fruit Diet Plans for the Next 3 Months – High Fruit Diet vs. All Fruit Diet

Now that there is only one month left for my trip to Ecuador, I am starting to look at my fruit diet plans for the next three months. Considering how cold and “fruit-less” Colorado is right now, I plant on following a high fruit diet for the next month and then going for an all fruit diet once I am in Ecuador. Since I am making all these fruit diet plans I figured I would share with you some knowledge.

Fruit Diet Plans… Do They Work?

The answer is yes, and no. Fruit diet plans can work and not work in many ways. For example, I may attempt to follow an all fruit diet plan for a month, and “fail”, because one day I decided to eat some lettuce… Would that mean that the all fruit diet plan didn’t work? Of course not! If I eat only fruit for 29 our of 30 years it is very likely that I will benefit from that.

On the other hand, if I set myself to follow an all fruit diet plan for a month, and I just spend one day eating only fruit, then there will no benefit from my plan, EXCEPT, that I will have a chance to learn from my mistakes, which may not benefit me directly in the short term, but over the long term, my failures will help me achieve my goal, so in that way, fruit diet plans do work if we stick to them over the long run.

I will add that some people are naturally more determined and/or consistent than others. I am the perfect example of someone who is very determined but inconsistent. My determination is clearly shown on this website, my blogs and my everyday choices, however, it is also clear that I am inconsistent with my approach, mainly because I am so spread out wide and thin. Knowing that, it is easy to see why fruit diet plans won’t work for me like it would for others who are more consistent.

High Fruit Diet vs. All Fruit Diet

When it comes to setting up a fruit diet plan, it is important to decide first if this will be a high fruit diet or an all fruit diet. The difference between them is HUGE. First of all, a high fruit diet may contain any amount of fruit, usually between 50% and 90% of total calories. Secondly, a high fruit diet may not be a raw vegan diet or even a vegan diet. There are cases of people who eat a high fruit diet while also consuming regular amounts of animal products.

An all fruit diet is simpler to follow when it comes to purchasing and preparing. On the other hand, an all fruit diet can be quite challenging, especially for our minds. To surrender all types of food, except fruit takes much determination and a lot of guts (or perhaps just a crazy head)…. Following an all fruit diet can be one of the most enriching experiences of our lives. I remember feeling awesome the first time I did it and I have enjoyed it every time since. I had never, ever, felt any regret, for spending a day where I only ate fruit. Hard core fruitarian would argue that an all fruit diet is the only true fruitarian diet.

Best Fruit for Diet

Sometimes people will ask me what is the best fruit for diet. The answer can be tricky because the best fruit will be different for different people. I know this is a boring answer, but the truth is that the question is actually quite inadequate to begin with. First of all, what do we mean by “best”? Are we talking about the best fruit to lose weight on a fruit diet? Or are we talking about the fruit that tastes best? Are we looking for the cheapest fruit or the highest quality?

I guess the best of the best fruit for diet would be the fruit that ranks high for all of those previews questions. In that case, the best fruit for diet would be a fruit that helps us lose weight, gain muscle, liven our senses and fit our budgets. It would likely be a fruit that has high water content as well as high calorie content. The fruit should have some fair amount of shelf life, be easy to store, clean, open, consume and compost. Ideally, it would be a fruit that has sees which we can plant to grow more fruit. Of course, we would always look for organic, raw, ripe and fresh fruit.

When I take all those qualities in consideration and place them on my data based, also known as my mind, I come up with a candidates for the ‘Best Fruit for Diet” award.

#1) Bananas: Bananas are fairly high on water content (75%) and they pack 89 calories per 100 grams. They are very easy to store, open and compost. They contain 93% carbs, 3% fat and 4% protein and there are hundreds of varieties world wide.

#2) Papayas: These juicy fruits have a much higher water content than bananas, but the trade off is that they only have 43 calories per 100 grams, which is about half the amount bananas have. Because of their high water content, papayas are better for loosing weight.

#3) Watermelon: Watermelons are about 91% water making one of the best fruit for a weight loss diet. Watermelons also contain 7% protein, making them a convenient option for fruitarian bodybuilding. Watermelons also have the potential to be very affordable. 

My Fruit Diet Plans for the Upcoming Months

I have a month left in Colorado before I fly to Ecuador for a two month visit. While I remain in Colorado I will be following a high fruit diet, the all fruit diet simply has not been sustainable for me here. Once I get to Ecuador I plan to follow a strict all fruit diet for the two months that I am there. I am hoping that I can come up with some flexible all fruit diet plans for the months that I am there. Perhaps my plan will be to have no plan. 🙂

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  1. Monica Collantes

    Are you already in Ecuador?. I’m from Guayaquil and I would love to meet you.
    I’m ready to start my frutirian diet but I still need someone to know this “way of living” more so it can be a help for the last “push” I need to start it.
    Let me know if you still around here so I can show you around and take you to places that are the paradise of fruits.

    Hugs and good vibe for you

    1. Bruno Treves

      Hey Monica,

      I left Ecuador a month ago. It would have been nice to meet you. Which places do you know in Ecuaodr that are the paradise of fruits?

      1. Monica Collantes

        And also I want to know if I just can eat one fruit at time or I can mix two and three fruits of the same group to make a fruit salad?
        help me with this :). thank you very much and lets see if we can meet anytime soon in some place around the world.

        1. mm Post

          You can mix fruits. There is an art to combining and it is not exact science. In a nutshell, you want to eat high water content fruit with other high water content fruit and low water content fruit with low water content. You can also think of it as high % of fat should not be mixed with high water content.
          The worse combo would be avocado with watermelon, but some people can eat that together and be fine. It is always best to eat monomeals of only one fruit.

          You are welcome to add me on Facebook: Bruno Treves. I am the one with the warrior pose picture.

  2. Monica Collantes

    All the roads that take you to the north coast of Ecuador. Farms around Canoa and places in the coast, and of course markets in the city :).
    Can you help me with some steps to follow to start good my challenge of 1 month fruitarian diet?.
    Hugs and I hope you enjoyed the green nature of Ecuador. where are you now?

    1. mm Post

      I will be sure to check those areas next time I visit.

      I am happy to help you, what do you need?

      I am currently in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

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