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Fruitarian Blog – My Top Articles on the Fruitarian Diet

To celebrate Fruitarian Bodybuilder‘s 4 month anniversary I have decided to share with you a compilation of my top fruitarian articles. These are some of the top articles on the fruitarian diet, according to Google:


Top 10 Benefits of the Fruitarian Diet

… Here is a list enumerating the top benefits from following a fruitarian diet. Each benefit in the list contains multiple benefits within it. I could have written a list with 20 benefit, or even 100, but I wanted to keep this one short and sweet. Enjoy!


Fruitarian Recipes for Weight Loss and other Benefits

 … Fruitarian recipes are super easy to make. Some of them require zero preparation and no cleaning whatsoever. On top of that, they are excellent for fruitarian weight loss and they bring about countless of additional benefits.


Fruitarian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

 … This article includes notes I took when I first started designing my fruitarian diet plan. Since then I have learned many things. This is why I recommend you read my fruitarian blog to stay up-to-date with the evolution of my fruitarian diet plan. If you want to learn about fruitarian weight loss, this article is a great place to start.

Kanekiki Farm Review: A Raw Vegan Community in Hawaii

… Here is a nice review of the Kanekiki Farm in Hawaii, which is a raw vegan community in the big Island of Hawaii. In this blog I share information about what we eat on the farm, when we eat, where we sleep, what we do for work and what we do for fun. Click here to read about my first day at the Kanekiki Farm in Hawaii.


Fruitarian Muscle Building, More Than Just Fruit

Fruitarian muscle building isn’t as simple as it sounds. Fruitarian bodybuilding requires not only proper nutrition but also the right amount of exercises and consistency. This fruitarian blog post talks about muscle building challenges like detox symptoms.
With only 4 months of life, Fruitarian Bodybuilder is already perceived as one of the best fruitarian websites online. Surely enough there is not that many either, but it is still a huge milestone to be at the top so early and so quickly. Thank you for your support! =D

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