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Fruitarian Diet Facts

What is The Fruitarian Diet?

The fruitarian diet is a diet which is usually composed of mostly fruit, if not fruit alone. Some people believe that ancient humans were frugivores and thus, natural fruitarians. There is much theory and research supporting this idea.

Fruit based diets have gained recent popularity and people’s interest seems to be slowly starting to trend. It may not be obvious now but it is very likely that the current trend in veganism will soon become a trend in raw veganism which will eventually become a trend in fruitarianism.

What are the Benefits of the Fruitarian Diet?

Many people claim tons of benefits from the fruitarian diet. The most popular include, weight loss, better health, financial savings (when done right), lots of time saved, better relationship with animals and plants and a more environmentally friendly approach to diet and life.

Some of the previously listed benefits of the fruitarian diet are clearly undeniable. Others can be debated. Well, in truth, they can all be debated but some are easier to support than others. For example, it is clear that, in relationship to the environment, planting trees is better than raising and killing cows. On the other hand, it may be harder to prove that the diet is better for our overall health.

That being said, in my own personal experience, I have certainly noticed many of these fruitarian benefits. I can see how quickly I loose weight on a fruitarian diet and I honestly feel healthier when I eat more fruit. I do believe it is cheaper, especially if I live in a place with cheap fruit, or even better, have my own farm/garden. I also notice how eating a fruit based diet gives me more time in the day by not having to prepare big meals or do a lot of washing dishes.

What are the Risks?

Truth is that there is some danger to the fruitarian diet. We may not have enough convincing evidence to say YES, HUMANS ARE FRUGIVORES. This means that we could be wrong about a lot of things regarding the fruitarian diet, possibly risking our health. 

I will admit that, by now, I am not too concerned about any of the following risks and dangers associated with the fruitarian diet. I have read enough and felt enough on my own body to fully believe in the fruitarian diet. That being said, some common risks and dangers include the development of diabetes, teeth problems and fat gain.

When I was at the Kanekiki Farm in Hawaii I ate mostly fruit and no cooked foods at all for more than 2 months. During that time I felt light and clean. I noticed the difference between been on a fruit diet and being on a vegetable and fruit diet. Vegetables slowed me down, they made me lethargic and lazy compared to the fruits which made me feel alive and energized (except when I ate too many of them or used poor food combining). 

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