what is a fruitarian diet

What is a Fruitarian Diet? My Definition

What is a Fruitarian Diet?

The definition of the fruitarian diet will vary depending who you ask. In short, a fruitarian diet is a diet where most of the calories consumed come from fruits. There are many different levels of fruitarianism and they range from those who eat fruit and nothing else to those who eat mostly fruit.

Those who eat mostly fruit are usually people who follow a raw vegan diet. There are also vegans that eat cooked foods who will consider themselves fruitarians. This, however, is less likely to happen since people who eat cooked foods on a vegan diet tend to get most of their calories from grains, legumes, starchy vegetables, nuts, seeds and oils.

The raw vegan diet is usually divided in two groups. One is the high fat raw vegan diet and the other one is the low fat raw vegan diet, also known as the 80/10/10 diet popularized by Douglas Graham. In either case, followers of these diets tend to get most of their calories from fruits. The people who follow these diets may consider themselves raw vegans and/or fruitarians. This is an absolute personal choice since there is no clear definition of what is a fruitarian diet.

What is a Fruitarian Diet to Me?

When people ask me what is a fruitarian diet I tend to give them my own personal definition. To me, a fruitarian diet is a diet that consists of at least 51% fruit. I like that definition because it is somewhat logical and very inclusive. Some people may say that the percentage should be at least 60%, others place the bar at 80%. To me, if you eat mostly fruit then you are a fruitarian. Every day is different and some days you may eat more fruit and other days you may eat less fruit. As long as your staple is fruit and you are hitting that 51% mark on a daily basis, then you are a fruitarian to me.

What is an Eden Fruitarian Diet?

The eden fruitarian diet is the ultimate diet. This diet, also known as eden fruitarianism, was coined by Mango Wodzak, author of two wonderful books called Destination Eden: Fruitarianism Explained and The Eden Fruitarian Guidebook. Mango is a true fruitarian who has been practicing eden fruitarianism for decades.

Eden fruitarianism consists of eating fruits and nothing else. This is the most strict fruitarian diet as it does not include any vegetables, nuts or seeds. The diet also abstains itself from heating or drying the fruit. Everything is always consumed raw. To know what you can eat on an eden fruitarian diet you have to follow one simple rule, if it is fresh and has seeds in it, then you can eat it.

According to Mango Wodzak, eden fruitarianism is the most ethical diet humans can consume because it does not cause any harm to animals nor plants. What is the benefit of such a strict fruitarian diet? Well, Mango explains that fruit is the only food that is given karmically free. This means that to get a piece of fruit no one needs to be harmed. He has some beautiful explanations of this on his books Destination Eden: Fruitarianism Explained and The Eden Fruitarian Guidebook. You can also learn about it in this video.

What is an Omnivorous Fruitarian Diet?

An omnivorous fruitarian diet is very rare and I don’t personally know anyone who follows this diet but I am sure there are some people out there who do it. Those who surely follow this diet on a regular basis are monkeys, and apes such as the orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees. For the most part, these groups of primates consume a diet that is high on fruit, with the inclusion of leaves, leafy greens, insects and other animals.  

What is a Common Fruitarian Diet Transition?

The most common transition into a fruitarian diet is the following: Most people start as omnivores, then they become vegetarians, then vegans, then raw vegans and then fruitarians. Out of this final group only a very small group of people get into practicing eden fruitarianism. There is one final sub-group which is extremely rare. This is the group of the Mono Eden Fruitarians (I just coined that term) who consume only one type of fruit and nothing else.

The only person who I have heard of practicing Mono Eden Fruitarianism is Dr. Robert Morse. According to his story, when he was younger, Dr. Robert Morse spent six months consuming oranges and nothing else. He has also shared stories and testimonials of people who have consumed only oranges or grapes, sometimes for hundreds of days, in order to heal serious diseases such as cancer.

Dr. Morse has been practicing Naturopathy for 40+ years and has healed more than 150,000 people by recommending a fruitarian diet and herbs. If you are interested in his story and approach to healing I recommend you read his book: The Miracle Detox Sourcebook.

What is a Good Way to Start the Fruitarian Diet?

Step one is to become educated. The Miracle Detox Sourcebook, Destination Eden, and The Eden Fruitarian Guidebook are the best books available on how to become a fruitarian.

Step two is to decide what type of fruitarian you want to be. Do you want to do mostly fruit or only fruit? Do you want to continue to consume animal products or are you ready to give those up?

Step three is to give it a try. Start slowly and don’t rush into the transition. Trust me, you don’t want to make the same mistakes I did. If you are still eating meat it may be best for you to become a vegetarian first. If you are already a vegetarian try veganism for a while. If you are already a vegan, then try to go raw for a few weeks before you spike up your fruit intake.

You can start by consuming more fruits for breakfast, then add fruit for lunch. Becoming a fruitarian is a process that must be respected and approached with care.

If you have more questions you can leave them in your comments below and I will answer them as soon as I can. If you need more support you can inquire about my coaching services by contacting me.   

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