fruitarian deit plan vs meal plan

Fruitarian Diet Plan vs. Fruitarian Meal Plan

In this blog I will share with you my ideas about the differences between a fruitarian diet plan and a fruitarian meal plan. Most of the times people tend to use these terms interchangeably when in fact they are quite different.

Fruitarian Diet Plan

The fruitarian diet plan is a plan that focuses on the general approach towards the fruitarian diet. This diet plan takes in consideration how long the diet will last, how much flexibility will be allowed, what will be the reinforcement mechanisms put into play, etc..
The fruitarian diet plan can be considered a long term plan that will be in effect for the entire duration of the diet. This diet plan may change and transform in time.

Fruitarian Meal Plan

The fruitarian meal plan is a plan that focuses on either:
a. A single meal.
b. All meals for a single day.
c. A short term plan for daily meals.
The single meal plan may be to eat some oranges for breakfast, or bananas for dinner. It may be as specific as how many oranges will be consumed, or how many calories need to be consumed on that meal.
Sometimes a fruitarian meal plan refers to all meals in a single day. Some people like to do this for a single day and others do it for every day of the week, sometimes for many months!

Which Fruitarian Diet Plan is Right For You?

If you want to get into fruitarianism it is best that you come first to a very important conclusion: You always know better than anyone else. When it comes to YOUR UNIVERSE, you are the only one that can see, hear, touch and feel everything that is going on there.
This means that the best fruitarian diet plan for you will be unique on its own. Those who are currently eating a standard american diet may want to take things slow and remove animal products from their diet before moving into a strict raw foods diet. Those who are already vegan may want to try to increase their fruit intake before going fully raw. Each person is unique, and the diet plan that works for them is certainly the best.
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What is the Best Fruitarian Meal Plan?

This is surely a topic of debate. The answer to me is clear: It depends.
Some people love flexibility and their plan may be to have no plan. Others may want to write down their fruitarian meal plan to the smallest detail.
There are those who like to count calories and those who don’t. There are those who like to have tons of fruit at home and others who want to go out and choose what they want when they get hungry.
Personally, I am horrible at keeping a strict fruitarian diet plan or a strict fruitarian meal plan. I love to plan, but it is hard for me to stick to anything because my life is always changing so much. There is no way to get me to be repetitive with anything, it just won’t happen. That is why my plan  is very flexible, both for mi fruitarian diet and for my individual meals.
What works best for you? Let us know in the comments bellow.

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  1. Helena

    I like moving slowly (as I can) into eating more fruits and more raw food. I challenge myself into what I believe is the best but I do like the idea of not being “detached” from my social life and know I can always go back to what I feel it’s best for me 🙂

    1. mm Post

      Yes, I think that is a great strategy for you… It sounds like your fruitarian diet plan is to take it slowly as you transition to more raw and high fruit meals.

  2. Helena

    I hope that’s what it is… though I still think some cooked meals are good for me…
    It has to do with not being so cooked and using the least and the best oils…

    1. mm Post

      I agree that cooked vegan meals can still be good, but not as good as fruit, at least for humans in their natural habit. I hear that most processed oils are unhealthy.

    1. mm Post

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