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Fruitarian Diet Plan for Weight Gain

A fruitarian diet plan for weight gain is not hard to design. However, it is hard to follow. Why is this the case? Quite simply, because you need to eat a lot of fruit to gain weight on a fruitarian diet.

Taking in the Fruitarian Protein

The theory behind gaining weight with a fruitarian diet plan is the same as it is in most bodybuilding circles. To put on some good old fruitarian muscle you need to train hard and consume more calories than you are burning.

Those people who practice traditional bodybuilding are used to packing on tons of animal protein and spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars in supplements every year. Their most common supplement expense is on protein powders. These bodybuilders think that protein is the essential nutrient needed to build muscle. They are partially right and dangerously wrong.

The truth is that our bodies CAN NOT use protein. What our body uses to build tissue are called amino acids. These amino acids link up to create chains that become proteins. When you consume protein as in the form of meat, milk, eggs, fish, cheese, yogurt or any other animal product, your body has to break down those proteins into amino acids so that they can be absorbed by the body. Once they are absorbed they can be used to build muscle. This is the exact same scenario as it is for the intake of vegetable proteins such as those derived from beans and grains.

The fruitarian diet plan includes protein. This protein, however, is different, it comes from fruit and is readily to absorb in the form of amino acids. It is important to note that many fruits have a complete amino acid profile, such as in the case of bananas, watermelon, oranges and many more.  This makes it more efficient for the body to process them and use them to build new muscle tissue. Most fruit contains between 3% and 7% protein (amino acids). If you don’t believe me, download an app called Cronometer (or any nutritional date app) and look at the nutritional composition of different fruits. Bananas have 4% protein, watermelons have close to 7% and guess what… A fresh lemon has close to 12% protein content. Are you amazed? You can confirm these findings here.

Putting on Some Fruitarian Muscle

Now that you know there is protein in fruit you can start putting on some fruitarian muscle. Again, the key is to workout, otherwise you will never get those muscle to grow. Weight lifting is the traditional approach to bodybuilding, but there are other exercises you can do to build your body. Calisthenics is a fun and proven way to put on some fruitarian muscle, to learn about this I recommend the book Complete Calisthenics, it is the best calisthenics book on the market. If you want to try different approach to body-weight exercises I recommend you read You Are Your Own Gym and True To Form. You can even build fruitarian muscle practicing yoga, here is a good book to get you started on that.

Once you are hitting the weights, the park or your yoga mat you can start focusing on getting those calories and fruitarian protein to build muscle tissue. Remember that the trick is to take in more calories that you burn. As you get started you may want to use an app like Cronometer to track how many calories you are burning and consuming. After a while this will become second nature and you will have an instinctual approach to eating your fruitarian meals.

How Much Fruitarian Protein do We Need?

It is said that to build muscle we need 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Some people say this the ratio is one gram per pound and other people go as high as three grams per pound. The truth is that you do not need that much protein to build muscle. As a matter of fact, when you build fruitarian muscle  your protein requirements are less because the protein (amino acids) that you take in are easier to use and less gets wasted in the process. Your body is not designed to consume animal products at all and it is hard for it to get any nutritional out of it. This is quite a controversial subject and not even bodybuilders who consume animal products agree on how much protein they should take.

One thing that is certain is that bodybuilding is a huge industry. It is also a very young industry that got started not so long ago (give or take forty years). The market is flooded with people and business trying  to make money and selling protein supplements is an almost sure way of making some extra cash (or millions). Advertisers have done such a good job at brain washing people into believing that we need protein to build muscle that it isn’t hard to sell around. Everyone is buying it but the results are controversial. Add to this that the meat, eggs and dairy benefit tremendously from the protein myth and you will understand why it is so hard for people to believe we can build muscle and thrive on a fruitarian diet.

Ok, enough talking, where is the proof that all of this is true? Well, the most convincing evidence will show up when you start putting on some fruitarian muscle for yourself. Until then, you can take a look at this kid, and this kid, and this other kid. and this other one over here, or this one, or this other one, or this couple over here.

Sure, none of these guys look like Arnold Schwarzenegger but don’t forget that Arnold was taking steroids and that many of his followers do as well. Fruitarian bodybuilding prioritizes health over muscle growth. Why would you want to get huge on steroids and then suffer from all the side effects? Why would you want to eat tons of animal proteins to fill up your body of toxins and acids which eventually can lead to arthritis, kidney failure and countless of diseases? You do not need to look like Arnold, most girls don’t even like that. Here is another article on the topic.

Fruitarian Diet Plan for Weight Gain

Now that you know the basics you can start your fruitarian bodybuilding program and put on some fruitarian muscle. Remember to train hard, give yourself enough time to rest and consume an ADEQUATE amount of fruitarian protein. If you fear you are not getting enough protein you can always add spinach to your diet, it has lots of protein. If you don’t agree take a look at Popeye. 😉

Your fruitarian diet plan should include a large fruitarian breakfast which should be ideally will be consumed after a light or strong workout. After that you may choose to have a few big meals with 1,000 calories more less, or you can graze on fruit throughout the day. Either way works. If you have large meals these will take longer to digest and you may feel sluggish after you eat, although not as much as you would if you ate cooked food. If you choose to graze you need to make sure you are putting on enough calories.

Fruitarian Weight Loss Before Fruitarian Weight Gain

One very important point to consider is that everyone who transitions into a fruitarian diet is most likely going to go through a detoxification process. Fruit, when consciously harvested, is the cleanest food you can eat. It is also the most nutritious and the most detoxifying.

Most people eating standard diets have some level of toxicity in their bodies. Those who eat a standard american diet are likely to have high levels of toxicity, those who are vegetarians will have less and those who are vegan will have even less. Then there are those who have been eating a raw vegan diet for a while, they are likely to have low levels of toxicity. When you become a fruitarian, your body will start to clean itself getting rid of acids and toxins that have been stored inside your body for years.

Because of all this, I recommend people to do a fruitarian detox before they try to put on some fruitarian muscle. Focus on the detox first and the bodybuilding after and you are likely to have a smoother and more successful endeavor. When I got on this path I went straight for building muscle and halfway through my gains I got a huge detox reaction that forced me to stop my training and focus on cleaning my body. I recommend that before you become a fruitarian bodybuilder you read this article on how to loose weight with a fruitarian diet. That way you will become leaner and cleaner before you start to put on muscle. I also recommend you read a couple of fruitarian books including The Miracle Detox Sourcebook and The Eden Fruitarian Guidebook.  They are invaluable.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the fruitarian diet plan for weight gain. If you have any questions or comments please join our community forum. There you will find fellow fruitarian bodybuilders and people practicing the fruitarian diet. It is a great resource.

Wishing you well,

– Fruitarian Bodybuilder



Fruitarian Diet Plan for Weight Gain

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  1. Kalle Anka

    The amount of protein in banana, watermelon and lemon referred to seems to be a bit off. Checked with Cronometer and got around 1, 0.6 and 1.0 respectively.

    1. mm Post

      That is interesting, we had the chronometer app in front of us when we shot the video. Maybe we used different measurements.

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