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Fruitarian Diet : Recipes for Beginners (Includes raw vegan recipes to transition)

The fruitarian diet is one of the simplest diets there is. If you practice Eden Fruitarianism, then the diet becomes even easier. That being said, there are dozens of different approaches to a fruitarian diet, and even thought the true fruitarian diet consist of only fruits, many people have and still consider themselves fruitarians even if they eat other things such as raw and cooked vegetables. Some people consider themselves fruitarians when they consume at least 50% of their meals from fruits. For other people, the fruitarian diet consists of at least 75% of calories coming from fruits. The most advanced fruitarians take in 90% to 95% of their calories from fruits, allowing only a few raw vegetables per day, such as in a salad, and perhaps a handful of nuts. Eden Fruitarianism, a term coined by Mango Wodzak in his book Destination Eden refers to the most extreme and clear fruitarian diet. Eden Fruitarianism means that you only consume fruits and nothing else, no cheat meals, no falling off the wagon, just plain consistent ethical treatment to all animals, plants and the environment.

With that being said, I have divided this list of fruitarian diet recipes in two parts. The first one is for those who want a more flexible approach, perhaps you are just getting into the fruitarian diet and are looking for an easy transition or maybe there are some elements in your current diet that you simply cannot give up such as nuts and seeds. For those of you I have listed the following recipes and books, so you can have an easy transition into the fruitarian diet that works for you. These recipes will only include raw vegan meals, given that I do not support nor encourage the consumption of animal products in any way.

The second list will consist of recipes for those of you who want to try a stricter and proper fruitarian diet, consisting only of fruits and nothing else. It is not easy to come up with recipes on a fruitarian diet of this caliber, mainly because the diet itself tends to recommend simple meals and this usually entails consuming mono-meals, which means to consume only one type of fruit at a time. The following recipes are made with proportions for medium sized meals, I usually tend to put twice as much food on my meals because I exercise a lot and I am usually pretty hungry, you can use these proportions or add more of your favorite ingredients. Depending where you get your produce from you may want to wash your ingredients before you cut them.

Raw Vegan Recipes for Beginners

Simple Salad

A simple salad for raw vegans and fruitarians can be made with any fruit and vegetable as long as you do not cook them. Some people like to include seeds and/or nuts. I recommend you include some tender greens such as spinach or lettuce, some solid greens such as cucumbers and some juicy fruits such as tomatoes. On top of that you can sprinkle some sunflower seeds and a pinch of salt. Other things you can toss into your salad include cauliflower, celery, cabbage and bell peppers. I also like squeezing some lemon juice on top of it, other people may also add oils but those tend to be processed and in many cases rancid, so I do not recommend them.

Raw Vegan Nori Wrap

I have been playing around with this lately. You can get some high quality raw nori sheets from amazon and do your own experimentation. The recipe is simple, think of the ingredients that you would like to add to a simple salad. Then take all these ingredients and cut them very finely. Add them all into a salad bowl and mix them up. Bear in mind that the raw nor sheets contain plenty of minerals, so adding salt is not necessary. Once you have your mix ready, place a good portion long-ways over a nori sheet, warp it up and enjoy!.

Fruitarian Diet Recipes for Beginners

Non-Vegetable Fruit Salad   

I call this the non-vegetable fruit salad because it is a salad made of fruits which are usually considered vegetables but in reality they are not. The reason why the following fruits are not vegetables is because they contain seeds and if it contains a seed, it is a fruit. Once again, you can include more fruits into this recipe, or take the ones that you don’t like. I am using the following ingredients because these are the most well-known and easily accessible to most people living in cities. Notice that I am not adding any salt, oil or spices to this salad because none of those things are considered fruits.


1 Red Bell Pepper (You can use a green or yellow one if you prefer, or all of them)

1 Small or Medium Size Zucchini

1 Large Tomato (or 2 to 3 medium sized tomatoes)

1 Medium sized Cucumber

1 Avocado (you can use only half if you are concerned about your fat intake)

1/4 to 1/2 Lemon


Step 1: Cut the bell pepper to remove the core and all its seeds. Then cut the remaining parts into long sticks and then into little squares, the size of these pieces can vary, I usually make them no smaller than the size of a nail and no bigger than 1 square inch. Add these to a large fruit bowl.

Step 2: For the zucchini you have two options. You can cut it into small squares, about half a square inch in size, or you can grate it if you prefer. I have done both and grating it is usually better, it gives the salad more flavor and a nicer texture, the downside to this is that you have to do more work and also, by grating the zucchini, you increase the occupation speed, on the other hand, grating the zucchini makes it easier to digest the food since it is already broken down before it enters your mouth. Whatever you choose to do, add this ingredient to the bowl. * Be sure to cut and toss away both ends of the zucchini.

Step 3: Cut your tomatoes on eights and add them to the bowl.

Step 4: Cut the cucumber in four long strips and then cut those strips into little pieces no longer than 1/2 an inch long. Place it in the bowl* Be sure to cut and toss away both ends of the cucumber.

Step 5: Cut the avocado down the middle, take the pit away and then make cuts into the avocado forming a grid. Then take a scoop and remove the avocado from the skin and place it in the bowl.

Step 6: Take 1/4  or 1/2 a lemon (or more if you prefer) and squeeze it into the bowl dispersing it around the fruit. Make sure that no seeds fall inside. You can use a fork to squeeze as much lemon juice as possible.

Step 7: Stir the ingredients and enjoy! =D

Fruity Fruit Salad

This recipe can be modified to include any of your favorite fruits, you do not have to use the same ones I used but I do recommend this combination because it is delicious:


1 Small Papaya

1 Mango

3 Bananas


Step 1: Cut the papaya in half along its longer side, take all the seeds out with a spoon and peal all the skin off. Cut both halves of the papaya into small semi-squares, around 1 square inch in size. Place all the pieces in a big salad bowl.

Step 2: Peal the mango and carefully cut as much as possible to leave only the pit. Take the bigger pieces and cut them into semi-squares of size equal to the papaya pieces. Place them in the same bowl. You can also include the more irregular pieces of mango that you cut closer to the pit, or you can leave these aside. I usually eat these extra pieces while I am preparing this recipe and do not include them in the bowl for esthetical purposes.

Step 3: Peal all three bananas and cut them into small rounded pieces, about half an inch long. Add these pieces to the bowl.

That is pretty much it! You can add more fruit if you like but I like to keep things sweet and simple. Papaya, mangos and bananas are some of my favorite fruits so I make this recipe whenever I don’t feel like having a mono-meal. Other delicious fruits you can include are kiwis, pineapples, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.


Fruity Smoothie

This recipe is as easy as they get. A basic smoothie for those who like to blend things up. I will give you a few examples of things you can use but I am sure you will be easily come up with your own.


1 Small Papaya

1 Mango

3 Bananas


Peal all the ingredients, remove the seeds, cut them up into small pieces and throw them in the blender. Add 8 ounces of water or better yet, freshly squeezed orange juice. You can also add blueberries, strawberries, kiwis and peaches or any other fruit you want. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed all these fruitarian diet recipes and raw vegan recipes. Let me know if you want to learn more on the comments bellow. 🙂

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