Are Humans Frugivores? Exploring the Fruitarian Diet


What is a Frugivore?

A frugivore is a fruit eating animal. The definition of frugivore is often applied to any type of animal that favors fruit, weather it is a herbivore, omnivore or pure fruit eater. That being said, there are different types of frugivore, some that eat only fruit, and some that eat fruit as the major component of their diet. In this article we will explore the question: Are humans frugivores?

What Animals are Frugivores?

It is estimated that 20 percent of all herbivore mammals also eat fruit. This is not the majority but a large quantity nonetheless. Not all frugivores are mammals. Frugivores can include fruit bats, fruit flies, hummingbirds, bees, chimps, orangutans, apes and of course, humans.

Frugivore Chart & Characteristics

This chart shows the differences in characteristics between carnivores, omnivores, herbivores, frugivores and humans. I love this chart because it shows strong scientific evidence that humans are frugivores, at least from an anatomical and physiological perspective. You just need to look at the characteristics of the frugivore teeth and the frugivores digestive system to realize that it is exactly the same as that of humans. Then the answer to whether humans are frugivores becomes self evident.

What is the Frugivore Diet?

As I mentioned above, there are different definitions of frugivores and different types of frugivores. We already explained that the definition of frugivore can be applied to any type of animal that favors fruit, even if these are herbivores, omnivores or pure fruit eaters. We also know that there are different variations on what percentage of a frugivore diet consist of fruit alone and nothing else.

For me personally, a frugivore diet consists of at least 51% fruit. There are few beings that consume fruit and nothing else, there are consider true frugivores or as Mango Wodzak defines them, Eden Fruitarians.

Are Humans Frugivores?

As a species I believe humans are frugivores. There is almost no doubt in my mind about it. As you can see in the chart mentioned above, the posses all the anatomical characteristics of frugivores. We may choose to eat vegetables and animal products, but this does not change our true nature.

Most humans today believe they are omnivorous because that is how they were raised. Most humans are told to eat meat and vegetables from the moment they stop taking mother’s milk. This habit becomes so deeply ingrained in our brain that most of us never get to even question it.

Luckily for me, I Question Everything.

Three years ago I began to contemplate vegetarianism, a year ago I became a strict vegan, and for the past two months I have tried to shift to a raw vegan, fruitarian diet. The transition has been challenging but my conclusions are becoming more real. Are human frugivores? I think the answer is YES.

There are many humans who even after learning this may prefer to continue acting as an omnivore or and herbivore perhaps. I think that to a certain extent everyone is free to do whatever they please, as long as they do not case a struggle for others. The choice is always ours to make, but before you close this window let me tell you that there are some important benefits to living as the frugivore you are meant to be.

Frugivore Diet Benefits

#1) Fruit is the easiest food to digest. Transit time for fruit is very short, and because it consists of mainly water, your body can quickly break it down and absorb it’s heavenly contents.

#2) Eating fruit is the most natural approach, especially if you eat it raw. You will notice that no other animal in this world cooks its food before eating it. Sure, no other animal in this world uses iphones or drives cars, but you still understand where I am going for this. Raw food is healthier, take advantage of it.

#3) Fruit is the most sustainable and eco-friendly food of them all. Every time you eat a piece of fruit you have the potential to grow and infinite amount of fruit by planting its seeds. It is the most effective diet plan to reach abundance that can feed the whole world while benefiting the environment.

#4) Fruit is given karmically free. No animal, plant or insect needs to die or be hurt for you to eat fruit.

#5) Fruit is appealing to our sight, smell, touch and taste. This makes it easy to love once we get past our social conditioning.

Are Humans Frugivores. What do you say…?

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