Fruitarian Bodybuilder Realizations Extreme Fruit Based Diets & What I Eat on a Day as a Fruitarian

Fruitarian Bodybuilder Realizations: Extreme Fruit Based Diets & What I Eat on a Day as a Fruitarian

This was day 15 of my fruitarian bodybuilder challenge, bodybuilding while following fruit based diets.

Fruitarian Bodybuilder

I went to the gym and then to the store to buy lots of fruit but I ended up getting a bunch of peanuts and eating them because “I was hungry” or so I say. Probably one of many cravings I get as a fruitarian.

My realization is that extreme diets are not easy to follow. We also need to be humble because we never know if what we know is the truth. I do love strict fruitarianism, the ethics of it, the logic behind it. I like to imagine that we can all live on a fruit diet, but people are much closer to understanding veganism than fruitarianism and it is important to let people move at their own pace. This is the message I want to give on my fruitarian book. I don’t want to put so much stress on people to follow a super strict fruitarian diet.

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