More CONFESSIONS about my Fruitarian Diet

More CONFESSIONS about my Fruitarian Diet

Welcome to day 14 of my fruitarian diet, I have to make a confession, today I had some coconut water and coconut flesh and it was delicious. Yes, I am guilty, not proud, but also don’t regret it at all.

Fruitarian Diet Confessions

I also had a horrible experience eating some apples that I bought at the farmers market, they really hurt my belly. I am not concerned about it, I think I just ate too many, too fast, while walking with many heavy bags, this is the worst experience I have had lately on my fruitarian diet.

On the bright side, I bought 5 pounds of baby tomatoes. I also screwed up by eating a little bit of pasta, of course it is not the end of the world but it is a bit of a downer. It just doesn’t add up to my fruitarian bodybuilding challenge and the fruitarian lifestyle I want to live. I know other fruitarians are much more hard core than me and never ever ever eat any cooked food, but I am still a rookie of sorts with a bit less than a year of experience with fruitarianism so it is no surprise that I am struggling a bit with this, especially as I intend to become a fruitarian bodybuilder.
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