Return to The Brain of Eden, a Research Based Book that Proves the Fruitarian Diet is the Best Diet for Humans

Return to the Brain of Eden is the perfect book for those who need tons of research and facts to believe that humans are natural frugivorous meant to follow a fruitarian diet. The book draws on more than 20 years of research that explores how the human brain was formed and its evolution over millions of years. Authors Tony Wright and Graha, Gynn state that modern science is wrong in believing that we are at the pinnacle of our evolution, instead they suggest that our brains where performing much more efficiently 200,000 years ago when our ancestors where forest-dwelling humans who lived on a basic fruitarian diet. These fruits, just like the fruits available today, contained a highly complex biochemical cocktail that evolved to influence DNA transcription, rapid brain development, and an elevated neural and pineal gland activity. The authors explain that the loss of our symbiotic fruit-based diet lead to a progressive neurodegenerative condition characterized by aggressive behaviors, a fearful perspective of the world and the suppression of higher artistic, mathematical and spiritual abilities. Wright and Gynn conclude their study by stating that many shamanic and spiritual traditions have been developed to counteract our human decline, and that a fruitarian diet can reverse this degeneration, restore our connection with the plant world and regain the bliss and peace of the brain of Eden.

Return to the Brain of Eden is divided into eight chapters. The introduction quickly explains that it is often the case that truly novel ideas meet considerable resistance and opposition by the established scientific and intellectual institutions, which are too invested in the conventionally accepted worldview. As the famous philosopher, Arthru Schopenhaur said: “All truth passes through three stages, first it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as being self-evident”. This truth is that evolutionary biologists have long been puzzled by the origin of humans and they have not found satisfactory answers to explain what caused the rapid expansion of the human brain in size and complexity over a very short period of time. The authors, after 20 years of research, believe that it was the rainforest environment which favored a fruitarian diet rich in flavonoids, monoamine oxidase inhibitors, and neurotransmitter precursors with low traces of steroids that set up the stage for human brains to become even better than what they are today. It was climate change, and other environmental catastrophes that forced early humans out of their fruit filled forests and into the savanna and grassland environments where they were unable to sustain their fruitarian diet and instead pushed them to sustain themselves on roots, tubers, grass seeds and animal products which in term stopped and reversed their brains evolutionary patterns. This is what the authors consider our biological fall from grace.

Return to the Brain of Eden is a truly mind opening book which can help many people understand the importance of a fruitarian diet, not only for ourselves as individuals but our specie as a whole. The book is filled with scientific terms and all sorts of data and scientific findings. This at times, can make the reading quite challenging but equally fascinating. It is clear that the authors have done an incredibly extensive research and that they have drawn a very clear picture of what our specie’s history looks like and how a fruitarian diet is our best choice moving forward.

I recommend Return to the Brain of Eden to everyone, regardless of their level of education. The information in these pages have the power to wake you up and consider the logic and benefits of adopting a fruitarian diet. Regardless of where you are on your journey, this book can help you take your mind on the right direction. It has served me immensely and I trust that it will serve you as well.

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