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Steve Jobs Fruitarian Diet Prolonged His Life


Steve Jobs fruitarian diet has raised some controversy, but not enough. Very few people know that Steve Jobs followed a fruitarian diet for long periods of his life. However, this is a well recorded fact. In Steve Jobs’ official biography, Walter Isaacson shares that Steve Jobs became a vegetarian during his freshmen year at Reed College. According to Isaacson, Steve Jobs went through periods where he would also consume fruit, and he considered himself a fruitarian. You can find this information on pages 36, 63, 68, 83 of Steve Jobs official biography.

Steve Jobs Fruitarian Diet / Vegan Diet Prolonged His Life

Steve Jobs fruitarian diet was somewhat flexible but his vegan diet was very strict. He actually followed a vegan diet for most of his adult life, making only a few exceptions on special occasions such as weddings. He would become very upset if his vegan meals where prepared with any animal products.

Throughout his life people considered him a “skinny vegetarian”. Most of his family, friends and coworkers did not accept Steve Jobs fruitarian diet / vegan diet. This is easy to believe since most people do not understand that a vegan diet can be very healthy. Even less people can imagine that the Steve Jobs fruitarian diet could have done any good for him. In fact, it did and as far as I know, Steve Jobs fruitarian diet extended his life far longer than anything else he did.

Steve Jobs Fruitarian Diet is put to The Test

Steve Jobs fruitarian diet / vegan diet has been compared to his partner’s, Steve Wosniak. While Steve Jobs was consuming fruit, Wosniak was eating at Denny’s and following a standard American diet consisting of pizzas and burgers. Wozniak grew up to become overweight and developed other health issues. However, Steve Wosniak is still alive, and people use this to discard the importance of Steve Jobs fruitarian diet / vegan diet.

Isaacson shares that after Steve Jobs developed cancer he began to focus even more on his fruitarian diet /vegan diet, remembering that a low-protein, low-fat vegan diet can slow the growth of cancer and prolong a patient’s life. That being said, Jobs continued to eat at restaurants which served vegan meals high in vegetable oils and “fake meats” which are high in fat and isolated soy proteins. This certainly played against his health.

Chances are that if Steve Jobs fruitarian diet had been followed with more scrutiny he could had potentially healed his cancer. According to Dr. Robert Morse, all diseases, including cancer, are nothing but a manifestation of toxins and acidic buildup in the tissues.

Dr. Morse explains that the only way to truly heal these illnesses is through detoxification. According to him, the best form of detoxification is done with a fruitarian diet. The reason why he is so certain about this is because for the past 42 years, Dr. Morse has healed more than 150,000 patients by recommending a fruitarian diet, herbs and fasting. All the details of how his program works to heal cancer are explained in Dr. Morse’s book The Detox Miracle Sourcebook.

There have been other books written on how a fruitarian diet can heal countless diseases. Another popular fruitarian book that focuses on the healing power of fruits is The Grape Cure by Johanna Brandt. There is also The Raw Cure and Foods to Fight Cancer.

Steve Jobs Fruitarian Diet didn’t Kill Him

After Steve Job’s cancer was discovered, Steve went through countless procedures to treat the disease. These included a liver organ transplant and chemotherapy. Hopefully I do not need to explain how both of these procedures are extremely invasive to the body. Chemotherapy is pure poison and studies show that its success rate is in many cases as low as 2%.

Because this is a highly controversial topic of massive importance, I have added some links bellow that build cases in favor of both sides. There are those who say chemotherapy cures and those who say chemotherapy heals.

I tend to believe that for the most part, chemotherapy kills more people than it heals. This is the conclusion I have arrived after spending much time reading articles and watching videos on the subject. I have also talked to doctors and medical practitioners in the field and I stand strong with my conclusion. I recommend you do your own research. Some people will agree with me and other people will disagree. The most important thing is that we are free to make our own choices.

Before moving on to the next topic let me clarify that I do not believe all doctors are evil or that the medical profession is completely corrupt. I think that there are good doctors and bad doctors, just like there are good and bad people in every profession and human activity that you can think of.

That being said, we only need to make one trip to Walgreens to prove that the medical system, and especially the pharmaceutical industry has a scary conflict of interests. If you do not know what I am talking about walk into your nearest Walgreens and look at all the garbage they sell there. Sodas, candy and the worse “food” you can find. If that place has any intention to heal your body, why do they sell you poison? Case closed.

Steve Jobs Fruitarian Diet Extended his Life

We are all bound to the laws of this universe. One of those laws is that everything that is born must one day die. How long we walk on earth can only be known with time and the laws of cause and effect are tied to karma and destiny.

I don’t think anyone wanted Steve Jobs to die. I think, and I may be wrong, that his was a case of misinformation and simple bad luck.

Steve Jobs fruitarian diet / vegan diet where not the cause of his death. Neither was the fact that he postponed surgery and chemotherapy for so long. In fact, these decisions actually demonstrate his rationale, genius, intuition and drive to stand for what he knew was right. The truth is that Steve Jobs fruitarian / vegan diet allowed him to live for 30 years with pancreatic cancer, a disease that tends to kill most people within a year or two.

The regrets he had for not opting sooner for conventional treatment are a factor of the information he was pressured with from doctors, family and friends. This was not a regret of his own but rather a guilt that was imposed on him.

What truly ended up killing Jobs was the partial removal of his pancreas, morphine, chemotherapy a liver transplant and an overload of drugs. His doctor’s pressure on Steve to consume animal protein eventually led him to include fish and eggs in his diet. Not much longer after that Steve Jobs died, turning his back on turn his back on what he knew was good for his health, his spiritual beliefs and his care for animals and the environment. Once again, you can find all this in Steve Jobs official biography.

If you want to know more about why I think Steve Jobs fruitarian diet was so wonderful I recommend you read some of my articles including You are a Frugivore,  Stop Killing Your Food and Top 10 Benefits of the Fruitarian Diet.

Research on the Effectiveness of Chemotherapy

As promised, I have included bellow a list of videos, articles and research papers on the subject of chemotherapy and its effectiveness. This is by no means a substantial amount of research and you are welcome to look for more. I just wanted to include a few links so that you can take a look at both points of view and come up with your own conclusions.

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