Top 10 Benefits of the Fruitarian Diet (Weight loss, better health and financial savings)

I wrote the following list to enumerate the top benefits from following a fruitarian diet. Each benefit in the list contains multiple benefits within it. I could have written a list with 20 benefit, or even 100, but I wanted to keep this one short and sweet. Enjoy! 🙂

#1 – Weight Loss on the Fruitarian Diet

It is extremely likely that you will lose weight on a fruitarian diet. Reasons for this includes the fact that you will be consuming less processed fats, animal products and cooked foods. At first, some people may be scared to see how much weight they are losing, especially if they were overweight or obese to begin with.

After some time, your weight will stabilize and you will find yourself feeling lighter than ever. There are very few cases where people gain fatty weight on a fruitarian diet. When this happens it is very likely that you are not absorbing the food you eat. This means that a deeper detox is probably needed.

For the most part, a fruitarian diet will help you lose weight and keep the weight off. This weight will be coming out of excess fat as well as toxic lymph which has been stored on your organs and lymphatic system. On the fruitarian diet, toxins will be released from the tissues so that they can be filtered and expelled from the body.

#2 – Cleaner Food Equals Better Health

Whether you want to believe it or not, cleaner food equals better health. You may still believe that humans need animal products to get their supposedly needed intake of protein, Vitamin B-12 and other nutrients. Acording to my research this is clearly not the case.

There are enough studies and evidence available to show that humans do not need animal products to survive. In fact, studies show that people who avoid animal products tent to live healthier lives. Vegan and fruitarian diets are proven to reduce the risk and symptoms of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many medically stated “incurable diseases”. If you do not believe me look it up for yourself. You can find plenty of studies here.

You can get the opinion of doctors by reading The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Graham, The Starch Solution by Dr. McDougall, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Esselstyn and The Detox Miracle Sourcebook by Dr. Morse.  These books have a greater focus on the vegan and raw vegan diets but the information in them also applies for the fruitarian diet, especially Dr. Morse’s book. If you want more information on the topic of the fruitarian diet I recommend you read Destination Eden and Return to the Brain of Eden.

#3 – Save Money in Every Area of Your Life by Following a Fruitarian Diet

Adopting a fruitarian diet helps you save money in countless ways. First of all you will be saving money by stopping the consumption of meat products and processed foods. These, in reality, are more expensive than fruits, as long as you are making your purchases wisely .

You will be also saving on medical bills, unnecessary supplements, cleaning products, beauty products and cosmetics. All these things add up over the long run, specially as you become older and less healthy.

You will be saving money from smaller electricity, water and gas bills since you will be needing less energy to cook and clean your food on a fruitarian diet. You can also expect your consumeristic behavior and consumption patterns to decrease once you adopt a fruitarian diet. The transition to a more natural diet also tends to lead people to a healthier lifestyle in general.

Other ways you will be saving money include saving by not longer going out to restaurants (if you choose to do so).

Last but not least, the fruitarian diet may help you reduce and potentially eliminate many of your addictions to substances such as alcohol, marihuana, sex and other habits. Rehabilitation becomes much easier when you adopt a fruitarian diet.

#4 – No Need for Cooking Time on a Fruitarian Diet

A true fruitarian diet consist of only raw, ripe fruits. This means that your cooking time is literary zero. You many need to peal and cut some fruits such as in the cases of oranges, bananas, mangoes, watermelons and the like. You may also need to wash your fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and apples. Other than that, you may choose to make some juices and smoothies, but this is not necessary. That being said, the time you will be spending preparing your meals will be much lower on a fruitarian diet than in any other diet you may implement.

#5 – Less Cleaning Time with the Fruitarian Diet

Cleaning time will also be reduce and become practically zero. All you may need to do is wash your knife, cutting board and perhaps a bowl or plate. Other than that, everything you eat will most likely be going straight from the kitchen counter to your mouth (unless you make juices or smoothies). Cleaning will be faster, easier and more effective.

Think about all the time it takes you to prepare and clean a big meal of cooked food. There is brushing, scraping, rinsing and drying. If you consume animal flesh then the cleaning is much more intensive since you must make sure you remove all the bacteria and germs that were in contact with the meat.

That being said, just so you know: Studies have proven that many of the germs and bacteria that you think have been cleaned by your sponge actually remain on your kitchenware. That is not only gross but also very unhealthy and potentially life threatening.

#6 – More Kitchen and Counter Space

This one is pretty obvious. When you transition to a fruitarian diet, your need for kitchenware is reduced dramatically. By eating only fruits you will no longer need any ovens, toasters, furnaces, microwaves, dishwashers or huge sinks. You will also have less of a need for forks, knives and spoons and all the other utensils that are used for other diets. Fruitarian diets also don’t require any cooking products and in the best case scenario you won’t even need a fridge (assuming you live in a place where you have easy access to ripe fruit on a weekly basis).

On a fruitarian diet you can also get rid of most of your containers, your pots and pans. You can also get rid of all those different cooking knives, one or two will probably be enough.

With all the water you will be taking from fruits you will have less of a need for glasses. Graters, measuring cups and thermometers will also be out the door once you commit to a true fruitarian diet.

Less clutter in the kitchen equals less clutter in your mind, simplify your life and you will have more space for nature, exercise, friendship, love and creativity.

#7 – Better Karma Through Ethical Behavior Towards Humans, Animals and Plants

Our moral obligations towards animals is surely a no-brainier. If you think that killing animals (or paying someone to kill them) is ethical behavior you may want to think again. Killing and abusing animals is by no means ethical in any way. It does not matter what your beliefs are because as soon as you place in the shoes of the victim you can’t help to see the truth.

Eating animal products is extremly unethical. It requires imprisonment, rape and abuse of innocent beings. If you do not believe me then you definitely need to take a look at Gary Youssef famous YouTube speech. Gary has cautivated and transformed thousands of people. He has opened their eyes to the torturous nature of the animal agriculture industry and all those involved with it. By adopting a fruitarian diet you will immediately be taken out of this awful system. Your karma, just like your body, will begin to clean up.

Ethics towards plants may be harder to understand. Plants do not make any noise when they are stabbed, however, just because you can’t see or hear their pain and suffering it does not mean that it does not exist. Plants have thoughts and feelings, perhaps different than humans, but real nonetheless.

Excellent research regarding plant’s thoughts and feelings is contained within the book The Secret Life of Plants. You may choose to read the book to learn about this truth . You can also use your logic and realize that almost every human in the world would feel sad if they saw someone cut down a tree or step on a flower. Our inability to see or feel their pain does not make this behaviors acceptable.

To cut down a tree is to end its life. By cutting a plant, or damaging it in any way, you are also inhibiting its ability to reproduce itself. To take the leaves or branches off a plant is like cutting someone’s limbs, or at the least, to pull their hairs off. You would not want that done to you, so there is no reason why you should do it to others. This is explained in much greater detail in the book Destination Eden.

I added humans to this list because I believe we have a responsibility to behave ethically towards ourselves and each other. When we eat food that is not ideal for our bodies we are causing harm to ourselves and robbing our souls of a healthy and joyful life. When we feed animal products to others, or even cook foods, we are poisoning them. When we give it to our children we are reinforcing an immensely harmful pattern in their lives. This patterns will stick to them for years and maybe their whole life.

By being unhealthy we are also hurting society because a sick body cannot be as productive as a healthy body. The fruitarian diet cleans people’s bodies, hearts, minds and spirits. It makes you a more loving person and a better member of society. I am not saying that all fruitarians are saint. I am surely not a saint either, but I am working towards being a better person and my behavior has certainly improved since I adopted a fruitarian diet. I strongly recommend you do the same.

Last by not least, the fruitarian diet is also more ethical to smaller animals such as insects and other beings that we do not eat. These can include, for example, birds who’s homes and natural habits are destroyed every time someone we cut a forest to grow grain or farm cattle.

The fruitarian diet is by far the most environmentally friendly of all the diets. I explain more on my next point.

#8 – Becoming More Environmentally Friendly

Everyone knows that humans need trees to survive. Trees are where we get most of our clean oxygen from. The less trees in the planet, the less clean air, the more trees, the more clean air, it is that simple. Fruit trees are an ideal source of food production. They also provide oxygen, shade and a living home for other plants and animals. Fruit trees also support the ecosystem by stabilizing the soil and circulating nutrients from the earth.

The fruitarian diet supports diversity and promotes the planting and growing of fruit forests. Think how many more trees we would have on the planet if we substituted all the grain and cattle for fruit trees. Don’t we all want cleaner air?

Everyday more and more people are waking up the reality of how destructive modern agriculture is. Monocrops deplete the soil of nutrients. They kill all beings who set their home in those areas. There is also the added pollution that results from processing and transporting these crops around the world.

There is virtually no process required to produce fruit, other than that which is included in the growing process, and some minimal maintanace. The amounts of chemicals used for organic fruit production is much less than what is used for growing most agricultural crops and sustaining farm farming. Transportation would also be reduced if our homes, neighborhoods and public areas where filled with fruit trees and berry bushes.

Finally, we can look at how much pollution is brought about by killing and farming animals. Animal agriculture has been proven to be the number one source of environmental pollution in the planet and the number one driver of global warming (which is very real). Animal agriculture is even more poluting than all the burning of fossil fuels in the world. If you don’t believe me just look it up.

On top of all that, animal excrement from cow and pig farms flows out of farming facilities and end up in our rivers, lakes and oceans. The end up contaminating the whole ecosystem we live in. There is no escaping it, sooner or later, we are all affected by the negative effects of animal agriculture.

Make a positive change now and start implementing a fruitarian diet today.

#9 – The Fruitarian Diet is the Gateway Lifestyle Change to Improving Your Life

By adopting a fruitarian diet you will be opening yourself up to a wide variety of lifestyle improvements. This is not guaranteed but there seems to be a strong correlation between adopting a fruitarian diet with making better lifestyle choices. Not only will you stop hurting innocent animals and plants, you will also find yourself interested in spending more time in nature and under the sun.

Other lifestyle changes you may adopt may include the practices of mindfulness and meditation, barefootism and reduction on consumeristic patterns. You will probably experience heightened empathy for all living beings, higher desire to exercises and workout, and a likely interest in minimalism.

It is very likely that after adopting a fruitarian diet you will quit most, if not all of your addictions. The most common habits that people drop once they transition into a fruitarian diet are smoking and marijuana consumption, masturbation, porn addiction and drinking

It may also be possible that the fruitarian diet and the results that come with it will give you the energy and courage to pursue your dreams. This may look like finaly pursing your dream job or your dream relationship. Your true desires will be easier to accomplish once you get back in tune with your body and nature.

The ultimate lifestyle change may be moving to the tropics. According to many historians and anthropologist, the tropics are considered to be the place where the human species originated from and thus, the best place for humans to live. If you don’t think so you may want to look into the earth’s “Blue Zones”. Blue Zones are the areas around the world where people are known to live the longest. These are all in tropical and sub-tropical regions.

Moving to the tropics is the best thing you can do if you want to succeed on a fruitarian diet. Tropical weather supports the growth of a wide variety of fruits which grow year round. The temperatures make it easier to live a simpler life with less needs for clothes, transportation, gas, electricity and technology. Much of our daily pollution is due to humans living in colder climates and big cities.

#10 – Cleaner Thoughts, Speech and Actions

In this world every action causes a reaction. I believe that someone with clean thoughts will be lead to making clean choices. At the same time, someone who makes clean choices will be lead to having cleaner thoughts. I am not saying that someone who is on a fruitarian diet will not steal or hurt someone, but I do think it may be less likely. To prove this you can look into the research that shows meat eaters are more aggressive than vegetarians and vegans. If you don’t believe me look it up for yourself.

I strongly believe that a fruitarian diet, which is the most ethical diets of them all, will lead people to have cleaner thoughts, speech and actions. This change may not happen imediatly, it will likely happen over time. Surely enough, people who are transitioning to a fruitarian diet, or experiencing the detox symptoms of a fruitarian diet, may find themselves going through periods of anger, sadness, irritability and other emotional/psychological turmoil. This may in turn darken their through, speech and action. However, over time, all these patterns and symptoms will clear up and their brightest self will shine through.

I hope this list serves you in moving towards implementing a fruitarian diet,

Wishing you love, health and well-being,

– Fruitarian Bodybuilder

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