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Are Humans Frugivores : Is the Fruitarian Diet Best for Us?

Here is a short video from Dr. Robert Morse that quickly explains how we know that humans are frugivores meant to live on a fruitarian diet. He does not go into every single fact and reason why humans are designed to eat fruit, but he does offer some very compelling arguments that will hopefully have you question if you are eating food that is actually good for you. I wrote some notes from the video on the lines bellow, you can also find Dr. Morse’s video below the text. I hope you find it useful. Enjoy! =D

You are a Frugivore, Like Every Human in This World

The corporate controlled media is not your friend. Walk into any supermarket and you will see all the processed corporate “food” that they try to sell you. They need fancy packages and lots of words to convince you that it is good for you. Fruit does not need to convince anyone, we are naturally attracted to it, that is, if our psyches are still working properly.

We are, whether you want to admit it or not, frugivorous (fruitarians).

We are the most evolved and most neurologically evolved species in the planet, it is time man accepts that. We are not better, but higher on the evolutionary scale.

We reach to the sky, we pick and peal, this is all we have. The fruitarian diet changes you, it helps you grow spiritually, it puts more smiles on your face, it helps your body feels light. More energy, more vitality, more flexibility, there is nothing like it.

Get Healthy on a Fruitarian Diet

Protect yourself and show the world how healthy you can get on a fruitarian diet.

I have gone to many zoos and other animal exhibits. I have talked to the trainers of gorillas and chimpanzees. I ask them, if you put a bucket of vegetables and a bucket a fruits, which one do the animals go after? They always, always, always reply, they prefer the fruits. Some species, like humans, may live by eating other things that are not in accord with what is best for their digestive systems. People may eat meat, grains, Oreos and Cheetos and they will be able to digest them to some extent, but this is not what our bodies truly want and this is not what is best for our health.

If you get a handful of young humans, ages two to ten, and place two plates on a table, one with fruits and one with vegetables, most of the kids will go for the fruit. It is part of our instinctive nature.

Understand who you really are and change your diet accordingly so you can thrive!

Returning to a high fruit fruitarian diet dramatically raises your conscious awareness.

Try having fruit for breakfast and lunch, smoothies are ok, if you want you can have more fruit at night or a big raw salad for dinner. The fruitarian diet is easy.

If you think that the fruitarian diet is unhealthy because of all the sugar (which is actually not sugar but fructose which is the most basic and primary form of energy your body needs) then you have it all wrong. Harvard, and many other well-known research centers, have proven that fruit has some of the lowest glycemic loads, which means it is excellent for you blood sugar levels.

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